What else I can do for you
While a CONTENT CO-CREATION service for entrepreneurs is what I focus on, there are also scaleable services I can provide. Such as the ones described below!
Writing / Editing
Done-for-you text content
So maybe you're just looking for a landing page text or copy for a brochure or an article in your monthly corporate magazine and you need it quickly and completely done for you? I've got all my knowledge and experience on deck to help you and would be happy to discuss the specifics of what you need and how I can deliver it.

I regularly write, proofread and edit commercial copy, website content, articles, stories, scenarios for video productions and social media content for a wide variety of target markets. And while you'll miss the added value of my CONTENT CO-CREATION service, I do pride myself on my exceptionally high level of investment and empathy with your audience, which really helps me to create text that resonates.
Project Management

To properly localise content from another language and create text that's alive and not an obvious translation, you need to capture the essence of its message and adapt it into words, sentences and paragraphs that are natural and relevant to its new audience, both in rhythm and in style. This is precisely what I do when I get translation assignments.
Through my work, I have come to realise that in order to be a good translator, you need to be a good writer.
I am available to translate text from English to Dutch and vice versa for a wide variety of uses, so feel free to contact me if that's what you're looking for!