There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it: as an entrepreneur, you need great website text, social media copy and content marketing material to attract and convince your target market for when you're not directly speaking to them. And if you want text content, you have two options:

1. Follow a course and do it yourself, with the disadvantage that you are left to fend for yourself and will probably remain uncertain about how effective your copy really is and how many opportunities you might be missing out on because of it.

2. Hire a professional copywriter, with the disadvantage that he or she might not be invested enough in you and your business - or does not know you well enough - with text that fails to communicate your unique key message or convey your branding and personality as a result.



My service in a nutshell

Next to getting coaching and writing your own copy or hiring a professional, I am introducing a third option to get great text content that combines the advantages and avoids the disadvantages of the other two: CONTENT CO-CREATION.

When working with me, I'm going to teach you how to harness the power of words to pique interest and curiosity, how to communicate with absolute clarity, what words and sentences convert and what the most effective structures and building blocks for website text, social media posts, e-mails and anything else that requires writing are.

But that is not where it stops. While you will be using your unique voice to build YOUR text content, I will make sure the end result is tweaked and optimised to perfection. This way, you will not be left out to dry and we'll effectively be crafting your content together.
The Marketing Communication Manifesto
But before we do all that, we are going to spend time to create a proper marketing manifesto for your business, in which we define your target market, communication tone, company mission statement, your Unique Selling Proposition and your key message.
This manifesto is not meant to be published, but it will help to give us a ton of clarity and will serve as a blueprint to create all your other text content with. You'll find that once we've properly nailed the manifesto, your content will almost write itself, because it will answer the majority of questions that otherwise might have crept up on us while building your marketing material.

What's more, working from this document will guarantee consistency and focus in all your marketing communication outings! 


When I say that we'll be crafting text content that you can take into your business or marketing communication content , you might want to know what type of content I mean specifically. Right then, here's a list of what we'll be working on when you make use of my CONTENT CO-CREATION service:
  • Full text for your company's website 
  • Brochures (digital or print) 
  • Direct e-mail content as part of a campaign
  • eBook
  • Blog articles
  • Scripts for videos
  • Social media ads
  • Landing pages for campaigns
  • Spoken message; what words do you use when introducing yourself and your business at a networking event?
  • Script for a presentation or speaking gig
  • Script for a pitch


  • CLARITY: by starting with the creation of a marketing communication manifesto, we clearly outline your goals and core message to your target market
  • KNOWLEDGE: next to becoming more clear about your own business, you will learn what words to use to attract and sell 
  • PROFOUND PERSONALISATION: because YOU will be the one bringing in the rough text content, the end result will contain the authenticity, heart, soul and personality of YOU and YOUR brand
  • GUIDANCE: you are not on your own, as I will not just teach you the basics and send you on your way; I will be there with you every step of the way and will be available to spar with, give you advice and pointers and bounce ideas off
  • OPTIMISATION:  what we create is polished and perfected by an expert copywriter to maximise engagement and conversion
  • DELIVERY: you will end up with a full -on text content marketing toolkit that you can bring right into your business
  • LASTABILITY: armed with the knowledge you've gained throughout the learning process of my CONTENT CO-CREATION service, you can tweak and update the text content we've created and keep reusing it and building on it for years to come